About Us

Peoples Choice Finance Solutions, was first established in 2000, Since that time we have helped many families get their finances back in order and regain some peace of mind.

Our specialty is assisting people who have had an event in their life that has caused financial struggle and may now be drowning in debt, and finding it hard to make their payments on time. We understand life sometimes throws a curve ball, creating events out of your control leading to financial struggle. We will listen to you, we're non judgemental, we're here to help you.

Are you.....
  • Over committed on credit cards and personal loans?
  • Facing repossession ?
  • Self employed with limited financials?
  • Irritating phone calls every day from creditors?
  • Needing complex loan restructures?
  • Bad credit file/too many enquiries?
  • Paid/unpaid judgements?

These are all areas we can assist you in. We take an holistic approach and ensure the solution we offer, will put you in a better position not only now, but long term. We are BAD CREDIT specialists, helping those that are financially stressed.