Car Loans

People Choice have a range of lenders who will consider the following

  • In an existing Part 9 debt agreement - can be considered if you have good history on your Part 9
  • Self employed less than 12 months - self declared income
  • Sub contractors
  • Casual employment considered
  • Frequent change of employment - same industry
  • Novated Leases
  • Adverse credit file
  • Knocked back from a major lender due to credit score
  • Too many enquiries on your credit file
  • Can offer flexible payment arrangements - if paid sporadically
  • Paid/unpaid/under arrangement, defaults considered
  • Discharged Bankrupts from 1 day
  • Can consider older cars to a maximum of 20 years of age at end of loan term
  • Private sales accepted
  • Boarders accepted
  • Fast approvals /settlements