Commitment to You

Peoples Choice Finance Solutions is committed to responsible lending.

It is important to us that we act in an efficient, honest, ethical, fair and responsible manner with our clients.

We take certain steps to ensure that we comply with our Responsible Lending Guidelines including:

  • Thorough analyses of your needs
  • Close investigation of all your current debts both secured and unsecured
  • Perusal of your personal/business bank statements to ensure all debts and income are disclosed
  • Confirmation of your income
  • Adherence to prudent lending guidelines
  • Understanding the cause of your financial Hardship
  • Fully investigating potential solutions

Our commitment is to improve your circumstance and bring peace of mind. To view our privacy policy click here

All our lending is compliant with

Check out ASIC'S Smart Money website. This has useful tips to help you make better financial decisions.